The most happy AMP template to
develop, build, publish with great features.

These are the most important features among many of the MobNews template. MobNews has been developed for Mobile environments, it works fast with 3G/4G connections and battery efficient.


Gulp is the most popular/chosen task/build runner for development. It makes life much easier for developers especially If you're working with HTML.

Template Engine

Repetitive codes between many HTML files are boring. With Nunjucks you can create smart and clean files and build with GULP. Documentation covers usage.


When you get MobNews you will receive English left to right language and Arabic right to left language packs separately. Check demo for both templates presented.

Works Offline

Your site will be available/browseable even user looses their internet connection. For example When user goes under a tunnel in subway and internet goes offline they can still navigate other pages.

Generic HTML

You do not need to know GULP or Nunjucks even documentation covers how to use those. There is also a builded generic HTML versions ready to edit of the template.

Structured Data structured data is used for MobNews template. Your site will be even more SEO friendly. Sample detailed usage for Blogging is present within blog pages.

LTR and RTL in 1 Template

Every feature MobNews has both in LTR and RTL layout. English used for LTR and Arabic used for RTL.

Example Nunjucks Page

Nunjucks is a template engine. Allows you to create smart pages with variables and inclusions. It allows you to have better work environment. For example with generic HTML pages when you need to change a menu item of site you had to do it for every page but with Nunjucks you create a menu file and include it in every other file. When you make a change in menu for once, it becomes available on every page.


{% set
	pageData =
			title: 'Home | MobNews - HTML5, CSS3, AMP Responsive Theme',
			author: 'Mobius Studio',
			description: 'MobNews is a website template for smart phones and tablets. It is built with HTML5, CSS3 and Google\'s AMP project rules.',
			keywords: 'premium theme, html5, css3, responsive, amp, accelerated mobile pages',
			canonical: 'http://localhost/MobNews/LTR/dist/index.html',

			contentFile: 'templates/contents/index.nunjucks',

			scripts: [
					"src": "",
					"tags": {"attr": "custom-element", "val": "amp-install-serviceworker"}
					"src": "",
					"tags": {"attr": "custom-element", "val": "amp-image-lightbox"}
					"src": "",
					"tags": {"attr": "custom-element", "val": "amp-carousel"}
					"src": "",
					"tags": {"attr": "custom-element", "val": "amp-sidebar"}
					"src": "",
					"tags": {"attr": "custom-element", "val": "amp-vimeo"}
					"src": "",
					"tags": {"attr": "custom-element", "val": "amp-accordion"}
					"src": ""

			css: [

			structuredData: '{
			"@context": "",
			"@type": "WebSite",
			"name": "MobNews",
			"alternateName": "HTML5, CSS3 Responsive Mobile Theme",
			"description": "MobNews is a website template for smart phones and tablets. It is built with Google\'s AMP project rules.",
			"url": "http://localhost/MobNews/LTR/dist/"
{% extends "templates/layout.nunjucks" %}


These are the possible questions might be on your mind and short informative answers to them.

Why Would I Choose MobNews?

Because creating websites with is so easy. When you understand the workflow of Gulp and Nunjucks you will be able to create dope websites in a very short time compared to other generic HTML templates in the market. Everything used for MobNews is global and big companies are backing those projects up. Gulp is all around the web, AMP project is by Google and Nunjucks is backed up by Mozilla.

How do I request a feature?

You can request a feature by sending us a mail When we get your mail about it We will evaluate if it can be implemented in MobNews. Because AMP project has set some strict rules and boundaries to keep mobile web clean and fast. However We will do our best to provide that feature for you.