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FlatMobile – Responsive WordPress Mobile Theme


Easy installation with demo content is available. You can get your theme ready with some simple steps in 5 minutes. Everything you see on demo page is provided.


If you already using a WordPress theme and you want to use a mobile special theme for mobile devices We included a guide for integration.


There is written instructions for installation in documentation and also video guide to do so too. You will not have any head aches or frustrations while using FlatMobile!


Creating new pages with FlatMobile is extremely easy and fast. You can simply drag and drop from between many elements and customize them for your needs.


There are 10 option panel category to customize FlatMobile. You can personalize almost anything for your needs from different fonts to different colorings.


Unlike generic option panels, When you use FlatMobile option panel you will see your changes immediately on the other side of your screen. This saves a lot of time!


If you ever need to write or put your custom css/javascript code in FlatMobile there are custom fields that you can use. You’ll never need to alter system code ever.


We ensured that to follow best SEO practices to help better rank your web site. You can also use best WordPress SEO plugins like YOAST or All in One SEO.


With customization panel you can change color of almost every element. Also page builder provides color changes too. Everything you need for personalize is here.


There are many custom sidebars where you can place widgets on.and also custom widgets. You can customize widgets for yourself and start using now.


This theme tested with W3 Total Cache plugin and proved compatibility. If you ever need to use this plugin to improve performance We got you covered.


English .pot file is included in theme folder, you can add your language and translate it.


This theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Shopping pages are fully tested and ready to use. Product, cart, checkout and other pages are ready.


We included child theme into FlatMobile. When you download theme you will also get child theme. We also described the installation and activation on documentation.


You will receive theme update no matter what even you don’t buy support. Updating FlatMobile require only just a click with Envato WordPress Toolkit, so easy.

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02.04.2020 - ver 2.0.4
    - New Envato Theme Check compatibility.
    - Started using Firebase Storage as custom plugin CDN for faster and more reliable source.
    - Replaced Aq_Resize with a new custom function.
    - Fixed TGM Plugin Activation warnings.
    - Custom widgets moved out from core theme code to FlatMobile Sidebars plugin.
    - Child theme updated to version 1.0.1 for compatibility.

    - Full WordPress 5.4 compatibility checked.
    - Compatibility with the Contact Form bumped up to 5.1.7 version.
    - Compatibility with the Kirki Option Panel bumped up to 3.1.0 version.
    - Compatibility with the WooCommerce bumped up to 4.0.1 version.
    - Compatibility with the WPBakery Page Builder bumped up to 6.1 version.
    - FlatMobile Sidebars plugin updated to 1.2 version Now this plugin contains custom widgets.
    - FlatMobile VC Extend plugin updated to 1.3 version.
01.03.2020 - ver 2.0.2
    - Compatibility: WordPress 5.3.2
    - Updated all other plugins to latest versions.
09.10.2016 - ver 2.0
    - Compatibility: WordPress 4.6.1
    - Compatibility: WooCommerce 2.6.7

    - Update: FlatMobile VC Extend version to 1.1
    - Update: FlatMobile Post Types version to 1.1
    - Update: Contact Form 7 version to 4.5.1
    - Update: WooCommerce version to 2.6.7
    - Update: Visual Composer version to 4.12.1
    - Update: Revolution Slider to
    - Update: Kirki version to 2.3.5

    - Fixed: Search Page
    - Fixed: Testimonials
29.07.2016 - ver 1.9
    - Compatibility: WordPress 4.5.3
    - Compatibility: WooCommerce 2.6.4

    - Update: Contact Form 7 version to 4.4.2
    - Update: WooCommerce version to 2.6.4
    - Update: Visual Composer version to 4.12
    - Update: TGMPA version to 2.6.1
    - Update: Kirki version to 2.3.5

    - Fixed: Demo homeslider
    - Fixed: Demo content file

    - Change: Plugin packs in theme removed. Now all theme related plugins are hosted by Mobius Studio SSL enabled hosting.
25.04.2016 - ver 1.8
    - New Feature: While customizing FlatMobile now you can switch between Desktop, Tablet or Mobile
    - Update: Visual Composer from 4.11.1 to 4.11.2
    - Update: Revolution Slider from 5.1 to
    - Update: Kirki from 2.0.7 to 2.3.1
    - Update: flatmobile.pot file in languages folder

    - Upgrade: Huge performance upgrade for blur effect, no more low FPS on desktops and android devices
    - Upgrade: Left and Right panel opener links were hard to touch, increased their area of effect to increase user experience more.

    - Fixed: Some hosts were unable to resole file paths to include files. This problem was breaking color picker on Theme Customizer
    - Fixed: Panels were unable to scroll
    - Fixed: Horizontal scroll
06.04.2016 - ver 1.7
    - Fixed: Blurry visibility on iOS devices
    - Fixed: Smooth scrolling on iOS devices
31.03.2016 - ver 1.6
    - Updated: Now theme is fully compatible with HTTPS SSL Certificates
    - Updated: Visual Composer to 4.11.1
    - Updated: WooCommerce to 2.5.5
28.03.2016 - ver 1.5
    - Fixed: Compatibility issue with new Meta Box version
    - Updated: TGM Plugin code to download new plugins
28.03.2016 - ver 1.4
    - Fixed: Clicking on cart button on navbar now directs you to cart page
    - Fixed: Proceed to checkout button visibility
    - Added: Now when you add a product into cart, number on navbar increases
    - Updated: Code for latest WooCommerce version compatibility
12.03.2016 - ver 1.3
    - Fixed: Footer Socials
    - Fixed: Copyright text
    - Updated: Clicking a "Logo" now redirects to home page
23.02.2016 - ver 1.1
    - Added: Alternative panel reveal effect with 3D
    - Updated: Visual Composer

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